An-28 plane disappeared from radar in Tomsk region

An-28 plane Tomsk region

An-28 plane disappeared from radar in Tomsk region

An-28 plane disappeared from radar in Tomsk region. - reports that- An-28 passenger plane disappeared from radars in the Tomsk region. A source in the aviation service told TASS.

According to various sources, there are 13 to 17 people on board, including four children. "The plane disappeared from the radar in the Bakcharsky region. The emergency lighthouse went off. There are 17 people on board, including four children. Three of them are crew," he said.

He announced that the possible location coordinates of the An-28 have been established. "The operation of the An-28 emergency lighthouse was recorded. According to preliminary data, the coordinates of the proposed location are in the village of Bachkar," he said.

According to him, the crew did not report any problems on board. "The flight went normally. The crew did not report any malfunctions or problems on the plane," the agency said.

In addition, the source added that the plane was technically sound before the flight. "All pre-flight procedures were performed. The plane was technically sound," he said.

An-28 may crash. "There is still no contact with the crew. According to preliminary information, it could have been an accident," said the source.

The Siberian Rescue Center has confirmed that the An-28 has disappeared from radars. The plane belongs to Siberian Light Aviation. Kedrovy - flew on the route Tomsk. A Federal Air Transport Agency Mi-8 helicopter was sent to search for him.

The center also said that the search for the plane was complicated by a dense forest. "There is a dense forest, the wood coming there. Nothing is visible, they look at the area, they will cut the squares, the boards will check them. Now we have one of the boards, the other is going there," said the source.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations has alerted a group of 100 rescuers to search for the An-28.

The An-28 is a light twin-engine turbocharged aircraft. It is designed to carry 17 passengers or cargo for a distance of 2,000 passengers with a total weight of up to 1750 kg.

source GooglNews