Moscow will cancel QR codes for restaurants

QR codes for restaurants

Moscow will cancel QR codes for restaurants

Moscow will cancel QR codes for restaurants. - reports that-From July 19, Moscow will abolish the QR code system for visiting restaurants and cafes, said Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

According to him, this measure has served its purpose - the epidemiological situation has improved and the rate of vaccination has increased. He stressed that the abolition does not mean the abolition of all requirements for combating the pandemic.

Sobyanin also said that more than two million people were vaccinated against coronavirus infection in the past month.

A similar decision was made by the authorities of the Moscow region - from Monday onwards, the reception of customers with QR codes will be advisory.

In Moscow, since June 28, citizens who have only received the COVID-19 vaccine, who have been ill for no more than six months, or who have had a negative PCR test, can participate in catering establishments and public events with a population of more than 500 people. people. Visitors must confirm this status using a special QR code. Similar restrictions were imposed in the Moscow region.

source GooglNews